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American Community
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  American Community is a diversified family of companies founded to improve the lives and raise the standard of living of all Americans through a broad range of innovative home, business, and community services.

The American Community family of companies embraces many individual companies that provide American families and communities with a full spectrum of products and services—primarily in the areas of building, architectural design, real estate, legal, insurance, and financial services.

In addition, American Community brings businesses a comprehensive array of building, financial, insurance, merchant, legal, financing, and marketing services to increase their effectiveness and expand their market share.

Our companies bring together the talents of many successful, seasoned professionals, who share a strong commitment to service, quality, innovation, and excellence. We are devoted to strengthening America by enriching the lives of individuals and families, creating jobs, and providing stability and growth to the community organizations so vital to our nation.

Most of all, we are grateful for the opportunity to give back, by way of our everyday interactions with our suppliers and customers, and through our groundbreaking ThriveAmerica initiative.

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America. It’s supposed to be the land of plenty. But with so many Americans struggling just to get by—and so many community groups desperate for ongoing funds—it’s time for something new.

ThriveAmerica is that new initiative. Our revolutionary eCommerce program gives shoppers substantial discounts on everyday purchases—while giving back up to 50% of the profits to their favorite Community Organization, Faith-Based Group, or Charity. With ThriveAmerica, everybody benefits!

   •  Shoppers  Save money as you give back to your favorite cause

   •  Community Organizations, Faith-Based Groups, and Charities  Turn your members’ or donors’ everyday
       purchases into a dependable source of monthly funding

   •  Good Samaritans  Help yourself while you help others

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