Self Directed IRA Services

Take Control of Your Retirement Funds

A Self Directed IRA is a retirement plan that allows the account owner to make direct investment decisions on behalf of their own retirement plan.

  The powerful advantage of this type of retirement account is a retirement investment structure that will allow one to use their retirement funds to make traditional as well as non-traditional investments, such as real estate, tax-free and without trustee or custodian consent.

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A Self-Directed IRA LLC with
“Checkbook Control”

Alternative Investments

With A “Checkbook Control” Self-Directed IRA , You Can Take Advantage
Of All The Benefits

With A Self-Directed IRA LLC You Will Have The Ability To Invest In Almost Any Type of Non-Traditional Alternative Investment

What You Should Know About
A Self-Directed IRA

How Do I Get Started?

Being Well informed And Educated Is Critical In Understanding The Self-Directed
IRA Opportunity
Your Current Retirement Account Can Be Moved To A Self-directed Custodian Who Allows Alternative Investment Vehicles

About Our Self Directed IRA Services

“The most common question we are asked is what type of retirement funds can be used in a checkbook controlled IRA checkbook structure.  The simple answer is that as long as it is a retirement account, the retirement funds can be used in a Self Directed IRA structure”

The following types of retirement accounts can be transferred and
used in a Self Directed IRA structure:

Traditional IRA • Roth IRA • SEP • SIMPLE • 401(k) • 403(b)
Plans for Self-Employed (Keoghs) • Money Purchase Pensions Plans

 To learn more about the advantages of using a Self Directed IRA with checkbook control to buy Alternative Investments, Real Estate and more, please contact an American Community
Financial SDIRA Advisor for a No Obligation, Educational Consultation.
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